Believe to Achieve

Options Higford’s Oliver has had a great start to the term as he has not only contributed brilliantly to his Annual Education Review and was awarded a Higford ‘Head Teacher’s Award’ in assembly but he has also been presented¬†with a Herefordshire Council ‘Believe to Achieve’ certificate of achievement for his work placement at Apley Farm.

Head Teacher Anne Adams recommended Oliver for his Local Authority award after Schools were asked if they had any nominations for students who have an achievement to celebrate.

Oliver received his award for his high quality work-placement at Apley Farm where he engages in a wide range of activities, including animal care. Oliver has worked at Apley Farm on a weekly basis for over 18 months and has also helped to promote a positive two-way relationship between Apley Farm and the Options Higford community.

This is a great achievement for Oliver and we are all very proud of him. Oliver’s mum was really glad to hear that Oliver has had such a good start to his term.

Options Higford_Believe to Achieve 2Options Higford_Believe to Achieve 1

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