Success Stories

“All the people I have met have helped me…”

“Options Outreach has helped me to understand the problems that I have and to learn from them.

I still have a long way to go, but with help from the staff and the new friends I have made I feel I will get there in the end.

All the people I have met have helped me no matter what it was I needed help with.”

– Teresa

“…most caring, efficient, focused, realistic, competent […]groups”

“In my 23 years in the care sector, Options Outreach has been one of the most caring, efficient, focused, realistic, competent and, most importantly, humane groups I have had the benefit of working alongside.”

 – Options staff member

“I feel more confident with my abilities…”

“I moved from a 24-hour residential college where I lived for three years.

Since I came to live with Options Outreach I have gained experience with how to live more independently.

The skills I have gained include cooking, cleaning, laundry and budgeting.

I feel more confident with my abilities to cope with life, whatever it throws at me. All the staff at Options have helped me along the way while they have housed me.”

– John

“I have enjoyed my time […] it has made a big difference to my life.”

“Over my time with Options Outreach I have learned how to look after myself more, including going shopping and buying food from a list I have already prepared.

I have done cooking sessions with the staff and learned how to cook cottage pie and a few Mexican recipes.

I eventually registered with a doctor and have started to make appointments to see him.

Because of the support from staff I feel more confident around people, providing the group is not too large.

I have enjoyed my time with Options and feel that it has made a big difference to my life.”

– Jason

“make his placement a positive one…”

Dear Debbie

I am writing to say a big ‘THANK YOU’ for all the support and encouragement you gave Simon during his time on placement at Options Outreach.

It was clear from our last meeting – and from your subsequent report – that he has been provided with a stimulating range of learning opportunities and he has gained a great deal from these, which will serve to enhance his knowledge, understanding and skills en route to qualifying as a social worker.

I appreciate, too, that Simon is someone very special, who brought with him many skills from his ‘day job’, and the sharing of these has been beneficial for the staff at Phoenix House.

I would be grateful if you could pass on my thanks to all those who have contributed to Simon’s learning – particularly Sue and Fleur for their specific contributions to the Practice Assessor Report. It was clear that Simon was very appreciative of all that was done to make his placement such a positive one.

Which brings me back to youl Many thanks once again for ensuring that Simon’s experience was interesting and enjoyable. I am conscious that with all the changes occurring at Phoenix House you had additional responsibilities to cover, but you have clearly demonstrated your management skills in doing this without it having any detrimental effect on Simon’s learning!

I trust that things work out well for Options as you develop new and exciting ways of support for a very vulnerable group of young people.

With best wishes Yours,

Clive Wright Programme, Tutor K216

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