Success Stories

“I feel confident in the management…”

“I would like to commend staff on the smooth and dedicated work with my son regarding the transition to Phoenix house adults provision. I was able to work with and liase with staff about all aspects of my sons care and move. They have shown a high level of knowledge/expertise¬†and a willingness to get to know my son from the start, helping him to form vital relationships with staff, so allowing him to feel secure and confident in his care, and life skills programmes. As my son has a special diet, staff have gone out of their way to learn and gain knowledge of the diet and any special care he requires. I feel confident in the management and staff and have regular contact with them. They listen to my son and myself, and work with our family in order to keep regular contact with home stays and visits, which are important to us as a family. I look on the move as a positive which allows my sons development to improve, his life skills, social skills and independent living so as a parent I will feel more confident about his future well being.”

– Nicky Roberts, parent

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