Options Residential Children’s Homes offers residential services within registered homes that are small, homely and designed to ensure that the children and young people in our care feel nurtured and secure.

The homes offer both separate and mixed accommodation for boys and girls and varying degrees of support that can be adapted to suit students’ changing needs. In addition, the homes offer a waking day curriculum which enables students to learn practical life skills such as cooking, laundry and shopping, helping them prepare successfully for a more independent future.

We work with new students to devise person-centred programmes which address their individual social, behavioural, psychological and emotional needs.

Individual behaviour management programmes are also implemented to help students learn how to take responsibility for and manage their own behaviour and emotions.

All children are encouraged to participate in local activities and to become active members of their communities. Students are able to access local community facilities for leisure and social activities which not only increases opportunities for learning but also enables them to experience a sense of belonging and increased emotional wellbeing.

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