Success Stories

“She is still thriving…”

“SL joined Options in 2009, it was her first placement away from home, she came from a very chaotic home life and was used to demanding and intimidating others to get what she wanted. SL refused to get up for school on time and would attend afternoons only.

SL moved to the Paddocks in December 2010. It was felt the move would suit her as the Paddocks is set in a rural location. The team ensured boundaries were kept to and routines were in place and SL thrived. With support and encouragement she attended a full time school programme; she had free time and kept to boundaries. There were still incidents but much short lived and when SL ran off she would call the Paddocks staff and tell them that she was ok and what time she would be coming back. She slowly learned that people cared for her and she learned to respect and like others as well as herself.

In August 2012 SL moved into her own flat, the Paddocks team supported her and helped her with transportation to college, she attended her course and worked on her Maths and English. 

She is still thriving, she attends college daily and has her own flat, she often calls the Paddocks to catch up with everyone and let us know how she is getting on. The Paddocks team are very proud of her, she turned herself around and has become a lovely young lady.”

– Carina McClean, RCHM, The Paddocks

 “the family are really happy with the progress made…”

“Last year a young person left our service after being with the company for 2 years. He was initially a very problematic young person but with the support and high level of care he received over the 2 years we were very successful in placing him back with his family. During his 2 year stay he achieved academic success by achieving GCSE’s and also his offending behaviour was eradicated. We worked hard with his family to build on their relationship and were overwhelmed with the success achieved by all. We have remained in contact with the family and the young person and are pleased to hear that all is well and the family are really happy with the progress made , he now has a job and has not committed any offences. This success is a result of a joint effort of the work done by Paddocks and Oakside staff. We received excellent feedback from the family and placing social workers at the end of the placement.”

– Debbie Tatton, Registered Care Home Manager

 “it looks very positive for the future.”

“AP is moving from here within the next few weeks into a semi-independent placement. She has been with staff over the last week to look at a possible new placement and she is very keen to move in. She did very well when doing this and overall it looks very positive for the future.”

Stuart Armstrong, Aqueduct Lodge

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