Clinical Team


Clinical services are delivered through a core team of embedded clinicians within each service, meaning we are able to be responsive to the changing and developing needs of individuals we care for.

Headed up by Billy Smallwood – Head of Clinical Services the team, made up of a range of highly skilled and experienced Psychologists and Therapists. Working closely with local colleagues in community services, and also bringing in consultant resources when required, we are focused on providing and supporting assessment and therapeutic interventions, throughout each placement with us. Available 24/7 the team can respond to times of increased need and heightened anxiety.

“being able to call for support when needed is reassuring to me, the value of the clinical team is outstanding”

To find out more about our clinical approach within both our Autism and SEMH services please take a look at our clinical models which demonstrate our clinical offering and look at the way in which the clinical team work holistically with each individual in our care to devise a person centred plan which best meets their needs and ensures the best possible outcomes.

Autism: Our Clinical Approach            Social, Emotional & Mental Health Services: Our Clinical Approach