Clinical Approach

Initial assessment

Upon referral, our clinical team are immediately involved in the assessment of the person being referred. Within their current home, be it with family, alternative carers or within another care provider’s home. Visits, often several, are made to carry out the initial review and placement documentation, enabling us to make the best possible recommendations for the individual.

Upon the transition into our services, our clinical teams offer a range of assessments, such as positive behaviour support plans and communication profiles. Additional assessments are also carried out depending on the individual’s needs, such as a physical health needs assessments to identify any current issues or concerns, such as eating and swallowing.


Offering consultation within each of our services, the clinical team make recommendations for adapting and enabling environments to suit the needs of an individual or group of individuals.

Adaptations made may be something as simple as the chosen colours used, through to the layout of a room, providing various zones to enable a person to structure their day in accordance with the area in which they are.

Ongoing assessments

Throughout placement ongoing assessments are carried out regularly and together with scheduled person centred planning meetings, multi-disciplinary formulation meetings and assessments of individual achievements adaptations of approach are made.

Changes made as result of successful intervention and approach include:

  • Reduced intensity of staffing
  • Ability to access community provision
  • Ability to make the transition to more independent living / step down services