Meet The Fostering Team


Fleur Johnson – Agency Manager

Fleur has been with the agency 9 years, commencing employment as a supervising social worker and becoming Agency Manger in 2012. Fleur has a background is residential management, having established a successful residential children’s home herself. Fleur worked in a Local Authority area team managing safeguarding and care management.  Fleur has experience of working with Leaving Care and Youth Offending.  Additionally being part of a team setting up a therapeutic Local Authority residential home for younger children being prepared for foster care.


Helen Roberts-Bennett – Administration Manager/Panel Administrator

Helen has been with the agency since 2005.  Helen bought with her a wealth of experience of working in a voluntary foster agency, Shropshire local authority (Child Protection and Trading Standards) and an independent fostering agency in Shropshire. Helen is also Panel Administrator.


Natasha Loewendahl – Fostering Team Clerk

Natasha joined Options Fostering in August 2015. This is Natasha’s first role working in a fostering agency, although she has a range of experience working in administration. Natasha has taught gymnastics to children and young people from the ages of 2 up until 14 years.


Kathryn Lightwood – Senior Practitioner

Kathryn joined Options Fostering in January 2010 as a Supervising Social Worker.  In October 2012 Kathryn successfully gained the post of Senior Practitioner becoming involved in complex cases and taking a supervision role of social workers in the team. Kathryn is also a qualified Practice Assessor for Student social workers. Kathryn takes a lead role in child protection and safeguarding matters, providing mentorship for social workers where required.


Ben Carter – Supervising Social Worker

Ben completed his second practice placement as a social work student, with the agency, joining the agency full time in April 2012. Ben has eight years experience of working for a Local Authority residential service and developed from the role of residential worker to senior of a residential team.


Paula Hollinshead – Supervising Social Worker

Paula joined the agency in January 2015.  Paula previously worked in the adult prison service which inspired her to choose social work as a career path.  Paula completed placements in mental health and a mother and baby unit.  Paula remained with the mother and baby unit for two years.  Before becoming employed with Options Fostering, Paula worked in a local authority residential assessment home for children and young people with emotional and behavioural difficulties for three years.


Grace Darlow – Supervising Social Worker

Grace is the newest member of the team and joined the agency in November 2015.  Grace  has worked in managing supervised family contact subject to contact plans under Public and Private Law.  Grace has worked in a number of counties across the Country and has recently relocated to Shropshire from Hastings.


Aileen Gray – Supervising Social Worker

Aileen joined Options Fostering in January 2014. Aileen completed a placement with another independent foster agency whilst completing her Degree. Aileen has previous experience of working with substance misuse, mental health and family disputes.