Transferring to Options Fostering

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Are you an existing foster carer?

Are you exploring a change of agency?

Options Fostering welcome experience foster carers and value the insight experienced carers bring.

If you are considering changing agency, you will have many questions and probably a few fears. Options Fostering have a number of foster carers in the team who have transferred agency, who are available to have a chat with before you make a decision, contact us on 01952 468258 to arrange a chat.

We follow the Fostering Network’s Transfer Protocol (2014) “Foster carer’s have the right to freedom of movement between Fostering services.”

Click here to read the full Transfer Protocol >>

The biggest fear for foster carers thinking of moving agencies is losing the children in placement.  The Transfer Protocol supports children remaining in safe and caring placements.

If you would like more information about fostering for us take a look at our guide which provides more information for carers thinking of transferring from their current agency.


Frequently asked questions


Hopefully the following FAQ’s will offer some answers for you, however if you have any other questions then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01952 468258 for an informal chat or email us if you would prefer at

How do I start the process of transferring?

Contact us today about fostering with Options Fostering and we can talk you through the process. We can arrange a visit to tell you more and we will invite you to visit our offices and meet the Fostering team. If you decided to move we will ask you to advise your current agency in writing. Options Fostering will then arrange a Transfer Protocol meeting to get the process going.

Do I have to be re-assessed?

Yes, Options Fostering will complete a new Form F assessment. We understand that once carers make the decision to move they don’t want a long assessment process.

Options Fostering have a dedicated team of social workers able to complete assessments in a timescale that suits you. On average the assessment takes 6-8 weeks and then you would need to attend Foster Panel and we welcome you to the team.

What will be different?

We feel confident you will feel supported and part of a team, we pride ourselves in being a small supportive agency.

Options Fostering will provide you with advice and guidance through a qualified and experienced fostering team. With a fast and efficient referral system to the in-house clinical team , foster carers get clinical advice and support when needed without a long referral process and waiting lists.

If you are looking for development opportunity, we welcome foster carers to become involved in recruitment, training, peer mentoring and support groups.

Will my payments change?

No, quite often the foster carers skills payment increases as we have found Options Fostering are very competitive.

Case study: Meet Trevor & Veronica



Trevor and Veronica have been fostering for over twenty years and the idea of moving agencies was a daunting and scary thought. With two long term placements, Trevor and Veronica’s biggest fear was disruption for the children.

However, after the couple’s son and daughter-in-law transferred agency to Options Fostering they also decided to take the plunge!

Following a transfer protocol meeting, supported by Options Fostering, it was confirmed there would be no impact on the fostered children. Trevor and Veronica were pleasantly surprised by the seamless transition which caused them minimal
disruption to them.


“We now feel fully supported all of the time and we feel a part of something where the team will put themselves out for you”.